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Full Version: RG-RP Staff Team
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RG-RP Management Team

Lead Administrators
[Image: se.png] N0FeaR

[Image: de.png] Pitcher3000

Senior Administrators
[Image: se.png] Klompe

RG-RP Administration Team

Level 3 Administrators

Level 2 Administrators
[Image: pk.png] Sindhi

Level 1 Administrators
[Image: pk.png] Electron
[Image: se.png] Klompe - Added as senior admin

[Image: no.png] Ance - Added as Admin
[Image: mv.png] Mario_ - Added as Admin
[Image: pk.png] Sindhi - Added as Admin

[Image: pk.png] Electron - Added as Admin
[Image: no.png] Ance - Removed due inactivity
[Image: mv.png] Mario_ - Retired